"The Werewolf"

SOLD Le Loup Garou Ring

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 'Le loup garou' is the French term for werewolf. The wolf is a proud and fierce creature. It is often used in European iconography to symbolize unity, nobility, and courage. We see it in the heraldic crests of noble families in the real world, as well as fictional families like the Starks.
The original maker of this former stick pin took the power of the wolf and made it relevant to the public of the time. The Victorian era was a blossoming point of the horror genre. Victorians loved nothing more than a good monster; the wild success of penny dreadfuls proves it. Is that a ruby in this werewolf's mouth, or did it steal your very heart?

Details (approximate):

Dimensions: 2 cm (0.6 in.)

Size: 5 (Can be resized. If needed; please add sizing to your cart)

Weight: 1.8 grams

Materials: Ruby, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold

Metal: 18 ct gold 

Marks: On the band there is a flat surface near the center, which would indicate a hallmark 

Condition: Excellent conversion piece.