About Us

We‘re Back with a new face, a new mission, and a new name. Welcome to the Koven Court.

Our Mission

We're here to serve the jewelry community with outstanding curation, excellent service, and a strong desire to share what we love with everyone! We are only here for a short time, so let’s make the most of it by celebrating our inner beauty, our love and generosity of spirit! Let’s harness and target our power towards uplifting women everywhere! 


About the Team

We are a small group of dedicated ladies who work hard to provide a stellar experience from start to finish. We travel near and far looking for treasures to bring home with us to share with you. Once they come through our doors, we carefully test, photograph, and catalog them before offering them to you.

We love jewelry: it's sensual, it's powerful and it's beautiful. We find that when we wear a particular piece we feel those things more for ourselves (and the compliments we get aren't too shabby either). Find your unique look and connect with your inner goddess, we're here to help.