"Rock Lobster"

Vintage Silver & Moonstone Lobster Brooch

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 "Here comes a stingray. There goes a manta-ray. In walked a jelly fish. There goes a dog-fish, chased by a cat-fish..."  Are you ready for some motion in the ocean? Wait until you get a load of our newest pet: Rock Lobster! 

This vintage whopper is made of nicely detailed silver with two large ghost moonstone eyes. Oh those eyes! So called 'ghost moonstone' due to the floating blue color or schiller that seems to hover above the stone. This phenomenon is termed adularescence, and gives our briny guy just the right sort of eerie, other-worldliness we are always fishing for at The Koven Court! He has a pin back, but a chain or ribbon can be threaded through the antenna to wear as a fabulous pendant. Sure to knock the Speedos off all who see him, he is the most perfectly unique catch this side of the Atlantic!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 9cm x 5.5cm; Moonstones are 1.5cm

Weight: 33.6 grams

Materials: Silver, moonstone

Marks: Silver mark

Condition: Excellent vintage condition