"Jellies On Gold"

Victorian Etruscan Revival 9K & Purple Ombre Art Glass Bracelet

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The science of archeology was just blossoming in the early 1800s when original Etruscan jewelry was discovered in tombs outside Rome. Intricately wrought golden pieces were meticulously ornamented with tiny gold beads and twisted wires densely applied to the surface. Nobody had seen gold worked like that since the mysterious Etruscans had carefully buried the treasures with their dead. The discovery created a sensation, and the Etruscan Revival style was born!  It was the in the 1870s Castellani Brothers in Rome who were able to figure out how the technique was executed without the use of solder and pieces marked by the Castellani family are highly desired when found today! Victorians went mad for it, and skilled jewelers incorporated it into their designs, both of fine jewelry and the costume variety. 

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This bracelet from the Etruscan Revival Era has beautifully crafted gold work supporting little glass droplets that fluctuate in hue from a creamy lavender to a deeper violet. They resemble little jellies lined up to feast your eyes on!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 9"

Weight: 20 grams

Materials: gold, art glass

Metal: gold

Marks: None

Condition: Good antique condition; minor scratches and surface wear.