"As Hounds Ran"

SOLD Antique Silver Hunting Hounds Horn Brooch

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 The Fox Hunt was the most popular sport of the upper classes in Victorian England. It was an expensive and sprawling event, involving large house parties at country estates, with parties and balls connected to the Hunt.  The thrill of jumping the well-kept hedges throughout the countryside as well as the speed of the pack gave a feeling of danger and peril to the pursuit. Women even participated, wearing smart riding habits and riding side saddle. An Al Fresco breakfast was usually served in the field, providing much needed rest and revivification for the daring ladies participating in the hunt. 

Of course, any well-turned out lady participating in the hunt would undoubtedly require proper adornment for her fancy riding habit, and this piece would be just the thing to pin upon her collar. 

This silver brooch depicts two leashed hounds encircled by a French hunting horn. The dogs are so realistically detailed, it's easy to see that they are mid-chase, straining against leashes formed of brass ropes. It's a very well-crafted piece that pays homage to a sport still practiced today.

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 53mm x 28mm

Weight: 11 grams

Materials: Silver & Brass


Condition: Excellent