"Surface of Mars"

Oval Banded Agate Mourning Brooch

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To me, this solid banded agate resembles sand dunes or the dynamic surface of mars. The natural elements are very present in this stone, and that's why they call it "Earth Rainbow!" This oval brooch has a nice weight to it and the white, black, and chocolate brown tones are very grounding. Banded agate was once believed to bring a sense of healing to the wearer, and that is certainly true when holding this brooch!

Details (approximate):

Dimensions: 45 mm L x 35 mm W 

Weight: 31.1 grams

Materials: Banded Agate, Brass

Metal: Brass

Marks: None

Condition: Good

Condition: There are some minor scuffs on the top and bottom of the agate, but it is hardly noticeable.