SOLD Antique 18K & Diamond Puzzle Ring

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Puzzle rings have been traced as far back as ancient Egypt and China, though the origins are unknown. In some cultures, they were used as wedding rings, with both parties wearing a band during the betrothal, then joining them together for the wife to don as a wedding ring. 

Our example, made of 18 karat yellow god, has a smooth piece and a diamond studded piece which fit together in a hug-like embrace, also reminiscent of a snake, which symbolized enduring love. This ring does not completely separate, consisting of two loops which fit together snugly. Comfortable to wear, and so fun to 'show and tell', you'll reach for this unique ring all the time!

Details (approximate)

Size: 7

Weight: 4 grams

Materials: Gold, Diamonds

Metal: 18K yellow gold

Marks: Illegible marks

Condition: Very good antique condition; wear commensurate with age