"The Eternal Helix"

SOLD Woven Hair Watch Strap with Gold-Filled Parts and Sardonyx Fob

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A rare and lovely antique watch-chain, we recently acquired this fine example from the mid 19th century in Paris. I was particularly captivated by the lovely shade of hair it exhibits- somewhere between a blond and brunette- it seems light against a dark surface, and dark against a light one. Truly a peculiar find! Constructed in a “helix braid,” which we know was created by microscopic braiding techniques around thin rolls of paper, left to set for a week or so, then finished with metal bits. I particularly love this example as it was so finely done, including an early box chain detail, sardonyx bottom fob, toggle, and dog clip.

Details (approximate):

Weight: 16.53 grams

Size: 18” in length, plus fob (fob is 17mm in height)

Materials: Hair, sardonyx

Metal: Gold filled metal.

Condition: Very good for its age- the hair is kempt and in control, there is one stone missing from the bezel settings on the toggle.