"Clever Seam Ripper"

SOLD Georgian Mourning Charm/Seam Ripper w Pearls

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This is a unique mourning charm with a hidden seam ripper. Check out the ingenious symmetric pattern on each side which disguises the seam ripper when not in use! Both sides showcase woven hair under quartz crystal; one is an intricate weave, the other an elaborate coil accented by the most delicate seed pearls you've ever seen, all surrounded by 15 karat gold. We believe that the small blade which folds from the side is a seam ripper, but could be used for other small tasks. This is a true rarity, and a wonderful find for any collection.   

Details (approximate):

Dimensions: 31 mm x 13 mm; 15 mm blade 

Weight: 4.14 grams

Materials: 15 k gold, quartz crystal, woven hair, seed pearls.

Metal: 15 karat gold 

Condition: Excellent antique condition