"Rosy Memories"

Bold 18K Archeological Revival Brooch with Locket c.1870's TLJ

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This gorgeous foiled quartz crystal brooch encircled by luxurious pearls is an absolute eye-catcher. As an archaeological revival piece, it was inspired in or around 1870 by discoveries of Egyptian, Roman, Hellenistic, and Etruscan ancient precious jewels. This inspiration provides us with the beautiful golden star and pearl highlighting the bold center crystal with red foil at the base which lends the crystal its cherry color. Its central high dome is embellished with intricately designed 18k gold in a Greek Key scroll around the base, highlighted with black enamel. On the reverse, we find a glass enclosed locket containing a wisp of hair.  What mysteries does this artifact hold?  Whoever owned this brooch must have cherished it for they took exceptionally good care of it. The piece is rich and breathtaking, serving not only as a memorial to a lost loved one, but also as a stunning accent piece to your favorite sweater, jacket or red carpet evening gown.

Details (approximate):

Dimensions: 40 mm L x 20 mm H 

Weight: 30 grams

Materials: 18k gold, pearl, quartz crystal (redness from foil underneath)

Metal: This piece acid tested positively for 18k gold

Marks: none

Condition: Excellent antique condition; two or three pearls could have been replaced