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Antique Victorian 14K & Turquoise Etruscan Revival Brooch

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Victorians had a mad love affair with all things Ancient. The passion for ancient history was fueled by archaeological discoveries and written accounts of the exploits of ancient civilizations made this period ripe for revivals of ancient jewelry styles, including a  classical revival of Greek and Etruscan styles. An avid search was made for the secret of Etruscan granulation with jeweler Fortunato Pio Castelliani claiming to have found the answer in a remote area of the Apennines. Using his granulation skills and other ancient jewelry techniques, he went on to produce many amazing replicas of the jewels discovered in the excavations of these ancient Greek civilizations. The techniques he learned spread quickly throughout Europe.

This fantastic Etruscan Revival brooch is a wonderful example of the style, with meticulous gold work in 14 karat yellow and rose gold, accented with little Persian turquoise tiles. The dangling pendant in the center is echoed by a fringe of gold and turquoise at the base, giving it wonderful movement. An altogether alluring and exotic piece, reawakening the majesty and beauty of a long-lost civilization!


 *Source: https://www.langantiques.com/university/grand-period-1860-1885/

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 78mm x 41mm

Weight: 17.7 grams

Materials: Gold, turquoise

Metal: 14K yellow gold, 14K rose gold

Marks: None

Condition: Excellent Antique condition commensurate with age and wear