"Pièce De Résistance"

SOLD Antique 14K & Turquoise Heart Locket Necklace

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Persian turquoise was very popular among Victorians. It was brought to Europe via Turkey, and called “Pierre Turquoise” (Turkish Stone) by the French. It is harder than American turquoise, and  has a pure blue color with no matrix, which was desirable in the Victorian Era. Queen Victoria was said to be very fond of the stone, which added to its popularity. In many cultures, it is said to bring protection, health, prosperity and love. Some wear it to ward off the Evil Eye.

This incredible necklace is the perfect representation of the Victorian's love of turquoise! The expertly crafted 14 karat gold repoussée chain is accented with Persian turquoise flower motifs.  The individual elements comprising the chain come in two larger segments and three smaller segments on each side, all consisting of ornate repossée work and a small four petaled flower in the center of each.  The panels are joined together by simple jump rings linked at the base with a leaf-shaped element studded with Persian turquoise in the Pavé style and creating a striking blue surface. A delicate chain hangs from this, bearing a heart-shaped pendant treated in the same manner of closely knit turquoise stones. Turn the necklace over, and see the beautifully finished reverse. Even the clasp is designed with care!  Altogether, this is a fabulous work of art; a museum quality piece which has been treated with great care for about a century and a half (dating around 1850-1870), a necklace that is destined for the place of honor in your collection!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: Necklace is 14.5” long Pendant drop is 60mm long

Weight: 21 grams

Materials:  14K gold, turquoise

Metal:  14K gold

Marks: None

Condition: Pristine antique condition