"Cupid's Pursuit"

Antique 8K & Carved Shell Cameo Cupid & Psyche Brooch

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Throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth century, western artists not only favored Christian subject matter, but  they also were obsessed with the classic Greek and Roman mythologies as serious themes for their artistic subjects.  In art, architecture and jewelry, the classics held a position of reverence and honor, as they considered the achievements  of the Roman and Greek empires to be the epitome of human accomplishment.

The story of Cupid and Psyche's forbidden love, always a crowd pleaser, was a popular theme for Victorian jewelers. Cupid falls in love with the beautiful mortal woman, Psyche. After many trials (including being turned into a butterfly), Psyche earns the right to live with her beloved.

This cameo brooch, carved from shell, shows Psyche in the form of a butterfly with Cupid sneaking up behind her. In great condition, it's a wonderful little depiction of a favorite Greek myth!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 1 3/8"

Weight: 5.39 grams

Materials: Gold, Carved Shell Cameo

Metal: 18K yellow gold

Marks: French Eagle head, partial makers mark

Condition: Excellent Antique condition commensurate with age and wear.