"Baby Blue"

SOLD--Antique French Silver & Enamel Watch Chain

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Albert watch chains are named after Prince Albert (1819-1861), who was consort to Queen Victoria (1837-1901). This style of single watch chain has a bar on one end, used to slot into a button hole of a waistcoat. The other end of the chain has a small swivel clasp that attaches to a pocket watch. The swivel clasp allows the wearer to rotate the watch and keep the chain from twisting. In addition to the chain that links the clasp and the T-bar, there is another, smaller, chain that serves as a decorative drop, whereupon a fob, fraternity, lodge symbols, charm,or locket would hang. The smaller drop chain varies in length depending on the Albert chains, and can be connected at different points on the main chain.*

This immaculate Albertine watch chain has beautiful baby blue enameling with a bright floral motif on the slide and tassel elements. While this can be worn in the traditional manner, clipped to a pocket watch, its long length makes it a very versatile piece! Wear as a necklace or bracelet, add some charms or fobs, layer with other chains - the possibilities are endless!

* Source: https://www.acsilver.co.uk/shop/pc/Albert-Watch-Chain-History-d262.htm

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 16.5"

Weight: 36.4 grams

Materials: Silver, enamel

Marks: [none]

Condition: Excellent antique condition