Antique English Art Nouveau Silver & Butterfly Wing Sulfide Nymph Brooch

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Butterfly wing jewelry became popular during the Art Nouveau period, and continued to be sought after well into the 1960s. Using real butterfly wings (mainly from the South American Morpho butterfly), vibrant blue hues were achieved to incorporate into brooches, pendants, charms and earrings. There were two styles to choose from: Plain, which let the butterfly wing stand alone as the focal point, and Artwork, which involved reverse painting a glass cabochon with the outline of a picture, which was then placed on top of a butterfly wing to create a beautiful scene, such as our example.

While not as prolific as in the past, butterfly wing jewelry is still being produced today, and it is worth noting that butterfly wing jewelry does not harm the living creatures. The wings used are from deceased butterflies, and there are surprising conservation aspects to this type of jewelry too – areas of South American rainforests have been saved and even re-planted for the sole purpose of encouraging the breeding of Morphos butterflies for jewelry.

This fun, fanciful brooch has a gorgeous, deep blue iridescent wing in perfect condition, with no discoloring or deterioration. Against the magical background is a white Nymph with a horn. Set in sterling silver, she will delight and mesmerize all who draw near to hear her otherworldly melodies!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 1" diameter

Materials: Silver, butterfly wing, sulfide cameo

Metal: Sterling silver


Condition: Very good antique condition