SOLD Antique Art Deco 14K, Purple Topaz & Diamond Ring

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What attracts me most to this ring is the hourglass shape of the stone as though it is fashionably corseted  in a sumptuous gold boned bodice.  The luscious otherworldly violet of the stone enhances the glamour of this ring.  Although the stone is called a synthetic topaz, it is truly a misnomer as it originates from a natural brown topaz which has been artificially heated, thus the moniker, synthetic.  Synthetic topaz is achieved when a natural topaz stone is irradiated to change the color, and then heat-treated to stabilize the new color. Different forms of radiation can produce different shades in the stone. Most purple topaz is heat-treated from yellow or brownish topaz similar to the way that tanzanite stones are treated. 

The lovely deep violet hue of this purple topaz draws the eye to the beautifully faceted in a unique checkerboard surface of the ring. With two diamonds accenting the Art Deco shoulders.  It's an absolute must-have for purple lovers and Art Deco aficionados alike!

Details (approximate)

Size (can be resized): 7.25

Dimensions: Ring top is 13mm x 13mm

Weight: 2.8 grams

Materials: 14K gold, a synthetic purple topaz, diamonds

Metal: 14K gold

Condition: Excellent Antique Condition