Antique Art Nouveau 9K, Silver, Emerald, Garnet & Enamel Brooch

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 This gorgeous brooch is an excellent example of jewelry of the Art Nouveau period (1890 - 1915), a movement that embraced long flowing lines and a lighter, more airy feeling than the heavy and somber Victorian styles. The importation of Asian art also influenced the trends, and nature was often the focus for the jewelry pieces.

Beautifully crafted in gold and silver, this little piece of art features three deep green emeralds and a dark red garnet. Accented with red and green enamel, it is a delightful garden to wear on your shoulder, or on a velvet ribbon around your throat!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 1.25"

Weight: 21.6 grams

Materials: Gold, Silver, Emerald, Garnet, Enamel

Metal: 9K gold, Silver

Marks: None

Condition: Very good antique condition commensurate with age and wear.