Antique 18K, Silver & Persian Turquoise Saint-Esprit Conversion Necklace

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The Saint-Esprit was a popular motif in Provencial France during the Napoleon III Era (1852-1870) and into the beginning of the Third Republic era (1871-1940).  Saint-Esprit means "Holy Spirit", part of the Christian Trinity. Usually depicted with an olive branch, a symbol of peace, this example holds a single turquoise cabochon. Persian turquoise was very popular among Victorians. It was brought to Europe via Turkey, and called “Pierre Turquoise” (Turkish Stone) by the French. It is harder than American turquoise, and  has a pure blue color with no matrix, which was desirable in the Victorian Era. Queen Victoria was said to be very fond of the stone, which added to its popularity. In many cultures, it is said to bring protection, health, prosperity and love. Some wear it to ward off the Evil Eye.

A very rare Persian turquoise Saint-Esprit pendant was spotted by Kathy on a recent trip to Paris, and the rest is history! Using a contemporary 18 karat gold chain, a beautiful necklace was born. Pave' set Persian turquoise is set in silver and backed with gold. The traditional composition of a dove holding an object is embellished with a large bow. A wonderful find, made very wearable, and a charming way to express Peace On Earth!

Details (approximate) 

Dimensions: Pendant is 1 3/8"; Chain is 9.5" on each side

Weight: 9.7 grams

Materials: Gold, Silver, Persian Turquoise

Metal: 18K yellow gold, Silver

Marks: Chain marked 750

Condition: Excellent converted Antique condition commensurate with age and wear