"Diamond Lil"

SOLD Antique 18K Rose Cut Diamond Lizard Brooch

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The Aesthetic Period (1855-1901) of Victorian jewelry can be defined as one of reaction against previous jewelry periods. Victorians became disillusioned with fashions and furnishings and sought a way out of the conventions of the past, moving toward a time of more refined artistic taste. The new generation of jewelry designers rejected the heavy-handed, ornate jewelry pieces favored by their predecessors. They turned to simpler shapes and motifs from nature. Novelty jewelry also became widely popular, with jewel studded creatures at the forefront. Fashionable women wanted to achieve the impression that they were a bit naughty or frivolous thus showing the world they were modern and carefree.

This diamond encrusted lizard brooch is a perfect example of novelty jewelry produced during the Aesthetic Period. Made of 18 karat gold with rose cut diamonds mimicking scales, it has a wonderful curve, giving a lifelike feel to the piece. It's as if she is ready to scamper right onto your shoulder and join you for a glittering night on the town!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 58mm x 28mm

Weight: 11 grams

Materials: Gold, diamonds

Metal: 18K gold


Condition: Excellent