"Dona Maria"

SOLD Antique 18K & Hand Painted Portrait Locket Brooch

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 Hand painted miniature portraits were the predecessors of photographs. When there was no other way to record a likeness of someone, the miniatures were treasured and passed down in families. Some portrait miniatures were painted of a specific person, and others were of classic style beauties rather than a particular real person. Often, these pieces were made into jewelry and worn as decoration, such as our brooch. 

This strikingly detailed portrait brooch bears the likeness of a dark haired lady with beautiful brown soulful eyes. She has full, finely executed brows and is wearing a soft smile above her cleft chin. Her blue dress is adorned with a lacy collar, and even her earrings and brooch are precisely painted. There is a signature on the front, Fabian Victor, and it is dated 1840.  The lady's coloring and features, as well as the artist's name, lead us to believe that this piece is Spanish or Portuguese in origin. Set in 18 karat yellow gold, it has a locket closure with fabric under glass on the reverse. A fabulous, historic brooch, worthy of a gallery, and sure to attract collectors of art as well as jewelry, she will take a place of honor amongst your treasures!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 2" x 1 3/4"

Weight: 22.6 grams

Materials: Gold, hand painted miniature portrait

Metal: 18K yellow gold

Marks: Signed Fabian Victor, dated 1840

Condition: Good antique condition. Due to slight warping of artwork, clasp does not hold securely.