"The Suitor"

SOLD Antique 18K & Emerald Snake Brooch

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 The snake motif has been utilized in jewelry since the Ancients. Long considered as a symbol of royalty and wisdom, it has been documented that Cleopatra was famous for her snake jewelry. Later, the design was popularized during the Victorian Era when Prince Albert famously presented Queen Victoria with an engagement ring in the form of a snake. Representing eternal love, that ring caused a sensation, and snake jewelry has been a fashion statement ever since.

This sensual, undulating snake has twisted himself into quite the love knot, a popular symbol of romantic love during the Victorian Era.  Made of smooth, softly glowing 18 karat yellow gold, he has a single bright green emerald eye winking out at his intended! With a satisfying heft, he makes a great lapel pin for any lady or gentleman with a flair for serpentine fashion!

 Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 30mm x 25mm

Weight: 9.5 grams

Materials: Gold, emerald

Metal: 18K yellow gold

Condition: Very good antique condition