Antique Hand Painted Porcelain Harlequin Pendant

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Hand painted miniature portraits were the predecessors of photographs. When there was no other way to record a likeness of someone, the miniatures were treasured and passed down in families. Some portrait miniatures were painted of a specific person, and others were of classic style beauties rather than a particular real person. Often, these pieces were made into jewelry and worn as decoration, such as our pendant. The Victorians loved to hearken back to earlier periods in time, and we think that this is such an example.

A colorful harlequin or jester is depicted in this piece. With a sunray collar and a knavish belled cap atop his lustrous brown waves, he's a little too handsome to be the court fool. Perhaps this is his fancy dress for a costume ball, and he has unmasked to reveal his true identity! Oh, wouldn't we like to know him today! A wonderful piece that will coordinate with absolutely anything, you'll love the look of surprise and delight you encounter while wearing him!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 1.25"

Weight: 3.9 grams

Materials: Hand Painted Porcelain

Metal: Gold over base metal

Marks: None

Condition: Excellent Antique condition commensurate with age and wear