Antique 14K Fancy Link Fob Chain

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The main use of the watch chain was to simply ensure the security of the pocket watch. The pocket watch emerged in the 17th Century and the style grew in popularity when Charles II popularized the waistcoat in 1675. By the Victorian Era, most men sported these decorative yet practical contraptions.

This wonderful watch chain sports some chunky, fancy links and has a fob attached. The fob was engraved at a later date, possibly a family heirloom handed down to a young man on a special milestone in life. A very unique and unusual to find piece, it would look amazing worn as a bracelet or an extension added to another gold chain!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 5 1/8"

Weight: 15.2 grams

Materials: 14K yellow gold

Marks: Inscribed "Eric 2-23-82" (modern engraving)

Condition: Excellent Antique condition