"Amulet Of The Goddess"

Antique Silver & Carved Coral Figa Charm

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The figa has its roots in ancient Etruscan Italy. In the ensuing millennia, it has been used to symbolize fertility, to invoke various goddesses, and to protect against evil. During colonization in the 17th century, it washed up on the shores of South America and became a symbol of good luck in Brazil and Peru, used to ward away the "evil eye".  In ancient times it was worn as an incantation to The Goddess, a call for fertility, virility and good times. Wear this one on your wrist as a charm, or on a chain as a pendant. They look fantastic in multiples and paired with other charms in our collection!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions:  3/4"

Weight: 1.5 grams

Materials: Silver, coral

Marks: Silver mark

Condition: Excellent antique condition