"The Timekeeper"

Watch Ornament with Hourglass Graphic

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This Victorian ornament, with two brass clasps so it can be worn as a necklace if you so choose, features a locket with an hourglass icon in the front and red floral patterns in the back; a Berlin iron toggle; and black silk cords that simulate hair. This piece is extremely versatile and looks fantastic around the neck if not being worn as a watch ornament.

Details (approximate):

Locket: Dimensions: 45mm diameter.

From clasps to bottom of locket: 8.5 in.

Materials: Silk, paper

Metal: Berlin Iron

Marks: N/A

Condition: This lovely Victorian locket has withstood the test of time and is mostly original- the only piece we believe to have been replaced is the hourglass. The silk is braided tightly and wound nicely around the brass attachments. The locket opens and gives you full access to the inner floral patterned paper.