"Under My Spell"

Koven Kreation 14K & Sterling Silver Replica Hand & Serpent With Gemstone Eyes Pendant

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The snake motif has been utilized in jewelry since the Ancients. Long considered as a symbol of royalty and wisdom, it has been documented that Cleopatra was famous for her snake jewelry. Later, the design was popularized during the Victorian Era when Prince Albert famously presented Queen Victoria with an engagement ring in the form of a snake. Representing eternal love, that ring caused a sensation, and snake jewelry has been a fashion statement ever since.

Jewelry with hand motifs were also popular during the Georgian and Victorian eras, with a variety of meanings. Hands holding objects were usually detailed with decorative sleeve cuffs, like the example we are offering; they are usually holding flowers as a symbol of friendship, but snakes were popular as well. Hand and snake motifs continue to be popular as jewelry and tattoos.

This gorgeous replica pendant features a sterling silver hand with a ruffled wrist cuff, intertwined with a 14k gold snake, stretching out from the fingers. 

Details (approximate):

Dimensions: 7.8cm x 2cm

Weight: 14.2g

Metals available: 14k & Sterling Silver

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