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Estate 9K Gold Buckle Ring

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 Buckle rings were very popular during the Victorian Era, with the Queen herself sporting one. They represented the strong bond between the wearer and his or her giver, sometimes being used as engagement rings and wedding bands. Some mourning rings were made in the buckle shape to represent the bond between the deceased and the living.  The traditional design has endured through the centuries, with modern variations still being produced.

This Estate buckle ring is most likely a Vintage piece. With an unknown hallmark, we can't date it with absolute certainty. It is a gorgeous and substantial ring, with beautiful buckle detail and texturing in 9 karat yellow gold. A timeless keepsake you'll treasure in your collection!

Details (approximate)

Size (can be resized): 10

Weight: 3.31 grams

Materials: 9K yellow gold

Marks: MJ  375  unknown hallmark  w

Condition: Excellent Estate condition commensurate with age and wear