"Girl Wreathed in Flowers"

French Napoleon III Period Painted Portrait Silver and Pearl Brooch TLJ

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A serene scene is painted in intricate detail within the face of this French Napolean III brooch. The pale figure of a lady (possibly pregnant) is cast in contrast against a dark background, held behind a glass pane, sturdily bordered by the stark silver frame of the brooch. Floral and foliate extensions form a halo around the rectangular body of the brooch which are set with creamy river pearls. The back face fully encloses the portrait, with a sturdily-soldered backing and pin closure with c clasp.

The painted scene is done in the style of grisaille, which is a technique of painting executed mostly in shades of grey or of another neutral grey-like color. In this case, on a black background and with pastel colors. The sitting painter (possibly an expectant mother) is painting what looks like a small seated doll to the left of the easel.  The tableau on the easel within the scene is outlined in  gold maybe to depict the sense of a new life unfolding within. 

The Napolean III period represents the years that Louis Napolean Bonaparte (the nephew of Napolean Bonaparte) was Emporer from 1852-1870.


Details (approximate):

Dimensions: 2.5 cm Long x 5 cm Width [1 in. L x 1.5 in. W] 

Materials: Pearl. hand painted panel

Metal: Silver

Weight:    9 grams

Circa:    1850-60's

Condition: Generally excellent antique condition! The silver casing is high-quality, with good craftsmanship and clear presentation of details. The original pearls are all present and well-set. There are no issues with the painted scene or the glass panel. The back face has normal soldering to hold the backing in place.