"Fire In The Sky"

SOLD Antique Silver & Carved Carnelian Star Brooch

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The Victorian Era was a hot time for all things celestial. When Halley's comet soared across the heavens in 1835, star themed jewelry was sought after by all the fashionable ladies and gentlemen!  Tiaras, necklaces and of course, brooches were embellished with star motifs, symbolizing a modern age, and to the sentimental Victorians, hope. The trend continued well into the Edwardian Era, with Queen Alexandra being know for wearing countless star brooches across her bodice.

This wonderful carved carnelian  eight-point star brooch has a deep burnt orange luster, accented with gleaming silver prongs, fashioned to resemble little hands holding the fiery gem in place. It's the perfect piece to wear on a day to day basis, suitable for both women and men who admire the delightful traditions of bygone eras!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 1.75"  

Weight: 1.4 grams

Materials: Silver, carnelian

Marks: None

Condition: Excellent Antique condition; no chips or scratches.