"Twilight Wings"

SOLD Antique Art Nouveau Silver & Blue Morpho Butterfly Insect Brooch

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Butterfly wing jewelry became popular during the Art Nouveau period, and continued to be sought after well into the 1960s. Using real butterfly wings (mainly from the South American Morpho butterfly), vibrant blue hues were achieved to incorporate into brooches, pendants, charms and earrings. There were two styles to choose from: Plain, which let the butterfly wing stand alone as the focal point, and Artwork, which involved reverse painting a glass cabochon with the outline of a picture, which was then placed on top of a butterfly wing to create a beautiful scene.

This is a wonderful example of letting the beautiful blue butterfly wings stand alone, made all the more exquisite by making them the wings of this beautiful little insect brooch! While it is unclear what type of insect it is meant to represent, it is definitely beautiful and whimsical!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 2" x 3"

Weight: 18.8 grams

Materials: Silver, preserved Blue Morpho butterfly wings

Marks: None

Condition: Excellent antique condition