"Be Mine?"

Antique Art Nouveau Gold Filled Question Mark Locket Pendant

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Question mark jewelry seems to have been a popular novelty around the turn of the twentieth century. When the trends of the heavier and more somber Victorian era came to an end, the Art Nouveau period began. Inspired by nature, the aesthetic was airier and more fluid, incorporating more light-hearted subject matter.

This whimsical locket has repousse designs of a beautiful lady gazing at a small bunch of flowers. A paste diamond question mark encircles her head, as if she is asking, "Does he love me?". An antique photograph of a woman is enclosed inside (possibly the previous owner), giving us a little peek into the past!  No question about it, this is one little keepsake you'll treasure in your collection!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 1.5"

Materials: Gold filled metal; Paste diamonds

Marks: Made by S&BL Co.

Condition: Good Antique condition; some wear on surface

Circa 1900