"Alexander The Great"

Antique 9K & Carved Sardonyx Shell Ammon Cameo Ring

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Ammon, eventually Amon-Ra was a deity in the Egyptian pantheon whose popularity grew over the years. Ammon was often depicted with ram's horns, so that as this deity became a symbol of supremacy, kings and emperors came to be depicted with Horns of Ammon on the sides of their head in profile, as well as the deities not only of Egypt, but other areas, so that Jupiter was sometimes depicted as "Jupiter Ammon", replete with Horns of Ammon, after Rome conquered Egypt, as was the Greek supreme deity Zeus. This tradition continued for centuries, with Alexander The Great being declared the metaphorical "Son of Ammon" by the Oracle at Siwa, and his depiction on Middle Eastern coins with two horns.

Set in 9 karat yellow gold, this antique cameo ring has been carved from shell, with a dark taupe background and a stark white carved profile of the aforementioned Alexander The Great. Precisely detailed, it is a wonderful portrait of the ancient ruler, and a true gem for any cameo collector!

Details (approximate)

Size (can be resized): 8

Dimensions: Ring top is 20mm at widest point

Weight: 5.2 grams

Materials: Gold, carved shell cameo

Metal: 9K yellow gold

Marks: 9CT

Condition: Excellent antique condition