Antique 10K, Seed Pearl & Carved Cameo Locket Back Brooch/Pendant TLJ

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A cameo is a form of glyptography, or bas-relief carving, most often cut into glass, hard-stones, and shells. Artworks were crafted to create two layers on one piece of material, the top of which protruded from its background, creating a multi-dimensional artwork. These detailed reliefs were often used to adorn pieces of jewelry, including brooches, necklaces, bracelets and rings. The earliest cameos took inspiration from prehistoric petroglyphs, which documented important religious and symbolic iconography onto rock faces.

Victorians loved cameos, and wore them prolifically throughout the era. Our serene gentlelady has a modest stance and a sweet half smile upon her lips. Her garb seems to be a tribute to Heraldic times, which is consistent with the Victorian's love of romantic literature and motifs.

Carved from a pale hardstone and set onto a  deep rusty red carnelian, the pendant is set in delicate 10k gold wirework studded with seed pearls. In the back, guarded by the pin of the brooch, is a small locket compartment with a gold window, ready for your precious photos or a lock of hair. A fold-down bale also allows this piece to be worn as a pendant Part of the enjoyment and fun of antique jewelry is re-imagining ways to adorn yourself with these little treasures from the past.

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 1.75"

Weight: 10.3 grams

Materials: Gold, Seed Pearls, Cared Cameo

Metal: 10K yellow gold

Marks: None

Condition: Excellent antique condition