Antique 10K & Carved Carnelian Scarab Ring

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Scarab jewelry was popular throughout the 19th century, and enjoyed a resurgence early in the 20th century, when the Egyptian Revival was, itself, revived after the opening of the tomb of Tutanhkamun in 1922. Egyptian themes, like the scarab, quickly became a staple of the Art Deco period. Fittingly, the scarab represents rebirth. 

Russet carnelian, simply and rather naively carved to resemble a scarab is set in 14 karat yellow gold on a typically Edwardian styled shank.  A great piece to wear every day, we have named him "Babu", after Osiris's beloved firstborn.

Details (approximate)

Size (can be resized):6.5

Weight: 6.9 grams

Materials: Gold, Carved Carnelian

Metal: 10K yellow gold

Marks: 10K

Condition: Excellent

Circa: 1910-1920