"Nut Supporting The Heavens"

Sterling Silver Egyptian Revival Temple Ring (Custom Order)

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Incense hangs so heavy in the air, you feel that your soul has been wrapped in weighted silk curtains. You approach the altar with your head bowed, and reach on bended knee for the ceremonial fire before you. A soft billow of white chiffon catches your eye- you wish to raise your head to the heavens, but are compelled to keep your eyes in your own earthly realm. At last the curiosity overtakes you, and you dare to lift your gaze.

A Koven Court original replica, this exceptional ring is based off of a 1920’s Egyptian revival ring, reinterpreted by our workshop. Featuring the jewel of your choosing, you can channel the aesthetic of Ancient Egypt’s magnificent pyramids and temple decoration with this bespoke addition to your collection.

The Figure on the shoulders of the ring represent the ancient Egyptian goddess NUT (pronounced newt) who holds up the heavens.

Please be aware that there is a 2-3 week lead time on custom orders and there may be some variation in final products.