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Amethyst Peridot and Diamond English Ring in 18k Gold

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Amethysts, peridots, and diamonds assemble to form a lovely gathering across the face of this exquisite English ring. The amethysts and peridots are held in lofty prong settings, with fully-exposed backs to allow light to penetrate and illuminate their interiors. The diamonds are held in sturdy bezel settings as well, with open backs. This combination of purple, green, and white is associated with the English Suffragette Movement and was worn by women to indicate their sympathy and indeed their participation in the movement.

The ring body is a richly-crafted 18k yellow gold, with a bright and sunny color. A set of hallmarks on the inner shank face completes this piece with a bit of its history. In stunning condition, this English ring is not only lovely, it carries an important significance in the historical context of women's rights.

Materials: Amethyst; peridot; diamond; 18k yellow gold

NOTES: All stones have been tested for identity by our Presidium gem tester.

Weight: 2.47 g

Size: 5.25

Dimensions: 10 mm ring face width [approximate]

Marks:  -date letter- -crown- 18 [incised, inner shank face]

NOTE: The crown mark is indicative of the ring’s UK origin; however, it is unclear if it is the standard crown mark, supporting the 18k quality of the gold, or if it is the Sheffield Assay Office mark. Please check back for potential updates.

Condition: All stones are sturdily-set, with nice luster and hues. Amethyst, peridot, and diamond stones are all well-set, with no chips or cracks, and bear lovely color hues and good luster. The gold is a high-quality 18k, with a high vibrancy and good sunny color, with excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. No issues with the piece overall.