"Raspberry Jaunt"

Antique Albertina Watch Chain With Carved Hard-stone Cameo Slides

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Albertina watch chains are named after Prince Albert (1819-1861), who was consort to Queen Victoria (1837-1901). This style of single watch chain has a bar on one end, used to slot into a button hole of a waistcoat. The other end of the chain has a small swivel clasp that attaches to a pocket watch. The swivel clasp allows the wearer to rotate the watch and keep the chain from twisting. In addition to the chain that links the clasp and the T-bar, there is another, smaller, chain that serves as a decorative drop, whereupon a fob, fraternity, lodge symbols, charm,or locket would hang. The smaller drop chain varies in length depending on the Albert chains, and can be connected at different points on the main chain.*

This wonderful Albertina chain has beautiful raspberry colored cameos, two of which act as slides on the three stranded chain, with larger chain on each end. The cameo at the bar end has a great tassel, perfect for swaying with each jaunty step you take!


* Source: https://www.acsilver.co.uk/shop/pc/Albert-Watch-Chain-History-d262.htm


Details (approximate):

Dimensions: 14"

Weight: 39.9 grams

Materials: Silver, Hard-stone cameo

Condition: Excellent antique condition