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English Antique 9K, Bloodstone & Carnelian Spinner Watch Fob

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  Victorian gentlemen tended to decorate their watch chains with fobs. Watches were worn in the waistcoat pocket, with a chain attached for easy access. The fob helped to add a counterweight so the chain wouldn't be pulled by the heavier watch. Some fobs were merely ornamental, and others held a practical purpose. The spinning feature on this fob is a clever gadget for the type of bloke who needs to preoccupy himself with busy hands!

Fashioned of 9 karat yellow gold, it features a perfectly round disc of mottled green with specks of red bloodstone on one side and deep russet carnelian on the other. A fancy little twist of gold roping fortifies the frame, and the hallmarks are visible from the base of the piece, identifying it as English in origin. Always a crowd pleaser, the  combination of stones, along with the spinning mechanism will have you fidgeting until you get your hands on it!

Details (approximate)

Weight: 7.7 grams

Materials: Gold, bloodstone, carnelian

Metal: 9K yellow gold

Marks: J.A 9 Birmingham anchor mark

Condition: Very good antique condition