Antique Austro Hungarian Stomacher In Enamel & Jeweled Silver

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Austria-Hungary was a constitutional monarchy that was created in 1867 and was dissolved in 1918.  During this short period of time, many opulent, dramatic pieces of jewelry were produced. Close in proximity to Germany and Italy, Renaissance Revival style was a significant influence. Gothic, Biblical and Mythical themes were prevalent, as was the use of closely clustered jewels, both genuine and paste.

A stomacher is a large triangular bodice ornament that extends from about breast level to the waist. It was sewn onto the dress and the use came into fashion during the Renaissance. During the 18th century, the fashion for stomachers died out although there was a brief revival of the fashion during the Victorian, incorporating pin backs to more easily attach and remove them.

This gorgeous example has an elaborate brooch with connecting chains, a slide element and is positively studded with emeralds, blue topaz, aquamarine and pearl jewels. We love the incredible chain of blue topaz running down the middle, as well as the wonderful danglers on the secondary chain ends: a voluptuous baroque pearl, and another decoratively set blue topaz.

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 6" long

Weight: 19.53 grams

Materials: Emerald, Blue Topaz, Aquamarine, Pearl, Enamel

Metal: Silver

Marks: None

Condition: Very good antique condition commensurate with age and wear; some enamel loss.