"Ichabod Crane"

Antique 15K, Bloodstone & Carnelian Locket Watch Fob/Pendant

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Victorian gentlemen tended to decorate their watch chains with fobs. Watches were worn in the waistcoat pocket, with a chain attached for easy access. The fob helped to add a counterweight so the chain wouldn't be pulled by the heavier watch. Some fobs were merely ornamental, and others held a practical purpose and were put to use as stamps for sealing wax on letters, or as in this case, as a tiny container.

Our example is a hinged locket, and was most likely used to hold snuff in the compartment. Made of 15 karat yellow gold, with one side a speckled bloodstone and the other a carved carnelian, it has been monogrammed with stacked initials C, H, and I, or perhaps I, H, and C. We are going for the "I.C." initials, as in a favorite literary character around here: Ichabod Crane!   Wonderful to wear layered on a "neckmess", perhaps with a pumpkin seed tucked inside? Oh, yes!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 23mm in diameter

Materials: Gold, Bloodstone, Carved Carnelian

Metal: 15K yellow gold

Marks: Monogrammed with initials: CHI

Condition: Excellent Antique condition commensurate with age and wear