"Poor Albert"

SOLD Silver and Wood Albertina Chain

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Gentlemen of the 19th century truly valued their watch chains.  And while men of the higher class often flashed solid gold accessories for their treasured watches, those of more modest means made due with rolled gold, pinchbeck, or silver Albertina's as they were called after Prince Albert (1819-1861), consort to Queen Victoria (1837-1901).  This modest Albertina made of ebony wood, silver and base metal holds a wooden oval disc fob, a watch key and the obligatory T bar.  It shows moderate signs of wear and was probably well used in its day.  What stories does it hold dear? One can only wonder...

 Measurements (approximate):

Dimensions: 13" Long

Weight: 27.4 grams

Materials: Ebony wood, Silver and base metal

Marks: None

Condition: Good/fair antique condition.  The extender chain shows some wear and rusting.  The dog clip only functions as a hook.  The center bands on the bars are silver as are the decorative links.  The other metal links are not silver.  All of the wooden links are intact.  A nice historical Albertina.