"Lord Byron"

SOLD 18 Karat Gold, Quartz & Sepia Anguished Gentleman Portrait Brooch

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This incredible Georgian brooch is very rare, indeed. Circa 1770, it depicts a young man in the throes of anguish: one hand is paused in mid gesture while the other anxiously rakes through his flowing locks as he gazes heavenward with a distressed expression. What ever could the trouble be? Alas and Alack! Whether mourning for a long lost love, or simply gnashing his teeth over the next stanza in his sonnet, this poor fellow certainly draws one into his tiny world! And what a beautifully crafted world it is, with an 18 karat setting, intricately and finely painted sepia portrait, and a quartz cover. This is a wonderful find for any collector. 

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 23mm x 16mm brooch face

Weight: 3.4 grams

Materials: 18K gold, quartz, sepia with white highlights painted on a wafer

Metal: 18K gold

Condition: Excellent antique condition