"Druid's Spell"

SOLD Antique Sterling Silver Dragon's Breath Brooch

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 Dragon's Breath, also erroneously known as Mexican Opal (there are real opal gemstones mined in Mexico) or Jelly Opal, is a collector's nickname for man-made stones that are made of art glass and mixed with certain metals to produce a brilliant color shifting effect. Colors transition from a deep to bright red with flashes of electric blue, purples and orange.  It is believed to have been first produced in Czechoslovakia circa 1900. This piece probably dates around 1920-ish.

One look at the beautiful and dramatic sparks of color in this Dragon's Breath brooch will have you swooning! Drink in the shifting lights in the art glass cabochon and become transported to the druid's lair, where potions and spells can be bartered for and fortunes can be found! Set in perfectly mellowed sterling silver, it's a piece that can open your imagination with glowing intensity, mystery and allure!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 1.5"

Weight: 14.9 grams

Materials: Silver, dragon's breath art glass

Metal: Sterling silver


Condition: Excellent vintage condition