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SOLD Victorian 9K-14K & Jet Dangler Pendant

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Although mourning has been acknowledged through fashion for centuries, it wasn't until the Victorian Era that it reached its heights. Queen Victoria, upon losing her beloved husband Prince Albert, brought the attention of grief and outward displays of mourning into fashion. The custom was for women to wear heavy and concealing black clothing with long weighted crepe veils attached to their bonnets called "widow's weeds". Dresses were made out of dull black fabric. Jewelry was usually jet, as it was the blackest stone, and readily available. The period of full mourning lasted for at least one year. Some widows chose to wear black for the rest of their lives.

You certainly do not need to be in mourning to enjoy this fabulous shiny black jet dangler pendant today! With detailed 9 karat goldwork, it looks wonderful with both vintage and modern styles, and of course with our favorite: anything black!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 47mm x 40mm

Weight: 5 grams

Materials:  gold, jet

Metal: 9K-14K? gold

Marks: On one of the loops: "A [Star with Russian hammer & sickle], 593 / 6 NB", indicating Russian origins