"A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose"

SOLD Victorian 14K Rose Gold, Rose Tourmaline & Seed Pearl Ring

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The Tourmaline family exists in a wider variety of colors than any other gem, and pink tourmaline has a fascinating history that is full of intrigue, adventure, and mysticism. It goes back to ancient times when Shaman and healers credited it for having healing powers. It was believed to bring insight to those seeking goodness and was used to help stress reduction. In the 1800s, artists used it to stimulate their creativity. 

While sought for its beauty it has masqueraded as Ruby and has fooled kings, most notably the "Caesar's Ruby" necklace in the Romanov jewel collection, thought for years to be a ruby, but turning out to be a pink tourmaline!

This wonderful Victorian ring has a beautiful cabochon rose-colored pink tourmaline at its center, an Etruscan Revival setting and band in 14 karat rose gold which is accented with six seed pearls. The genius of the designer is apparent, and we are loving the choice of rose gold to complement and harmonize with the amazing stone!


Details (approximate)

Size (can be resized): 7.5

Weight: 3.09 grams

Materials: 14K rose gold, tourmaline, seed pearls

Metal: 14K rose gold

Marks: None

Condition: Generally Excellent antique condition and minor surface wear commensurate with age.  Minor & typical inclusions in natural the tourmaline stone.