"Mysterious One"

SOLD--Victorian 14K & Garnet Orb Ring

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Garnets are named after the red seeds found in a pomegranate. They have long been thought to embody the energies of fire, passion, creativity and strength. Beloved by the Victorians, it was used in all sorts of jewelry.

This all original Victorian ring is such a great find! With an outstanding, beautifully crafted shank and a deep, dark orb-shaped garnet, it exudes an aura of mystery! Wonderfully preserved and intact with a pristine garnet. Suitable for any gender, it's sure to help you conjure up a little magic in your style!


Details (approximate)

Size (can be resized): 4.5

Weight: 2.6 grams

Materials: 14K gold, garnet

Metal: 14k gold


Condition: Excellent antique condition