"Prince Of The Peacocks"

SOLD Silver & Marcasite Peacock Brooch

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 Presenting their gorgeous plumage with drama and elegance, peacocks are mesmerizing to watch. No wonder they became such a popular decorative motif! Throughout the ages, they have also been associated with beauty, balance, wise vision, immortality, self-confidence and leadership.

This wonderful silver, marcasite and paste diamonds brooch is ready to perch upon your shoulder, lapel or scarf to give you that boost of assurance to handle your day with aplomb. Lovely detailed silver work in the Art Deco style is studded with glittering marcasite and faux diamonds. A must-have for anyone with an appreciation for graceful lines and a penchant for peacocks!

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 7cm X 5cm

Weight: 24.2 grams

Materials: Silver, Marcasite

Metal: Silver

Marks:  Sterling (Maker's Logo) /  0136 of 1000

Condition: Excellent