"Sea Witch"

SOLD Jade and Silver Mermaid Pendant

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This is a marvelous and unique pendant crafted out of a huge jade stone and silver. This treasure is massive and was likely made in the 1960's. The captivating silver mermaid seems to swim right out of the stone! She is both eerie and beautiful, possibly created with a Tibetan woman in mind because of her unique headress. She is frozen in dance as her hair floats around her and her huge tail flicks upward in greeting. This mysterious mermaid is sure to capture the admiration and imagination of all who behold her!

Details (approximate): 

Dimensions: 60 mm W x 60 mm L

Weight: 45.5 grams

Materials: Jade, Silver

Metal: Silver

Marks: None

Condition: Good

Condition: There are some minor scuffs to the jade.