"Color Wheel"

SOLD Scottish Agate and Silver Brooch c. 1920s

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A segmented disc of six distinct sections of banded and dendritic agate in several striking colors is surrounded by silver decorated with floral patterns on the outer edge. Likely hailing from the Edwardian era, this is an outstanding example of the fine worksmanship of the Scottish jewelers working with locally sourced agate deposits. The popularity of Scottish agate began with Queen Victoria, who wore jewelry created with Scottish agate as a souvenir to her visits to Balmoral. The variety of striking patterns and colors in the agates ensured its continuing popularity after the Victorian era.

Details (approximate)

Dimensions: 3.4cm x 3cm x 0.5cm

Weight: 7.9g

Materials: Silver, Scottish Agate

Metal: Silver

Marks: None

Condition: Good antique condition