"Night Hunter"

SOLD--Charming 14K, 18K, Ruby, Diamond and Garnet Owl Conversion Ring

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Although owls are known to be quiet and sly hunters of the night, this owl is sure to draw anyone's attention! The wise little guy is garnished with gleaming diamonds to make up the owl's body, as well as a set of piercing garnet eyes. Held by its talons of 18K gold is a soft pink ruby, almost as if it's the owl's heart. This charming ring is a gorgeous unique treasure. 

Converted from an earring, with an antique replica 14 karat gold shank. 

Details (approximate):

Size: 7.5

Dimensions: Owl 19 mm L x 12 mm W

Weight: 4.1 grams

Materials: 18K gold, diamond, ruby, garnet

Metal: 18K gold

Marks: 14K on shank

Condition: Excellent